The need for foster care is tremendous and growing. Geary Girls Ranch will provide assistance to children from all over Texas who have been displaced due to no fault of their own. The ranch is located in North Texas, one of 19 counties in Region 3 of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). According to DFPS statistics (December 31, 2017), in Region 3 there were 1,550 children, ages 12 to 18, in foster care, and 809 were female. In addition, there was an unknown number of children who were displaced from their homes not included by CPS in the statistics. I was a teenage girl in foster care in Dallas County. I also know that a good foster home, like the one I had, can make a difference in a foster child’s life. With the shortage of foster homes in the nation and the lack of “quality foster care” in many of these homes, the need for foster homes far outweighs the availability.

Geary Girls Ranch will provide a partial solution to this enormous problem within the foster care system. We will have the capacity to accommodate several children, up to six in each home at a time, providing a safe environment that offers support in healthy lifestyles, education and permanency while encouraging independence and guidance as each child transitions into adulthood.

Geary Girls Ranch will be a foster home community with licensed foster parents in each of our 8 homes. Geary Girls Ranch will have support programs for both our children and parents as well as continued training for our parents, respites, mentors and volunteers. Creating a “community of support” is fundamental in the success of our program and will be the key to making a difference in the lives of many children who will go forward and become productive, successful adults.

I am Susie Black Holamon, President and Founder of the North Texas Geary Girls Ranch. The ranch is a tribute and a legacy to Joe and Charlotte Geary, who were instrumental in my good care. It is my desire to utilize my resources and experiences and “pay it forward” to a new generation of displaced children. I was a CASA (Court Appointed Child Advocate) to a now aged out girl who had been in the system for 5 years with 13 different placements and 9 different caseworkers, I see the huge need for change in the foster care system. Geary Girls Ranch can’t fix the system, but we can produce a “blueprint” for a “foster home community” that serves as the foundation for successful foster homes. We have done extensive research and study on three existing foster home communities in Oklahoma inspiring us to recreate and implement their successful plan in Texas.

Building homes, building lives and giving children guidance and the tools to grow, this is our vision at North Texas Geary Girls Ranch.


Susie Black Holamon