The Geary Girls Ranch is a foster home community with each home having licensed foster parents.

In order for the girls to benefit from the services provided and develop feelings of security and stability, our goal is to have them with us a minimum of six months after a probationary period of 90 days.

In addition to our services, the girls will have access to counseling and other resources within the surrounding communities. These opportunities will empower them with confidence and hope, enabling them to set and achieve attainable goals.


The programs at the Ranch will be focused on offering assistance to teenage girls when their families are no longer able to provide for their basic care.

Our program offers a structured family environment with a maximum of 6 girls per cottage. Working as a family unit, the girls will share in the daily chores and responsibilities of the home while learning important life skills that include cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. Under the guidance of a loving and compassionate house parent, the girls will be required to follow the house rules, guidelines, and curfews that are in place to maintain a normal and healthy family environment.

The girls will be required to attend church and mandatory life enrichment classes. Classes will be held weekly and will include topics such as art, music, cooking, gardening, and homemaking. These activities will be led by volunteers and mentors in the community.

Our goal is to equip each girl with the necessary tools to become a productive, successful member of society by providing the opportunity to attend and participate in church, school, social, athletic, and extracurricular events. Education will be a priority at the Ranch and programs will be in place to help the girls achieve their full academic potential.

Admission Process

At the Geary Girls Ranch, we help children who do not require psychiatric counseling or lock-up facilities. The applicants should be without deep-seated behavioral problems so they are able to function well with other children. They should generally have the potential to do average to above-average school work. Referrals will come from relatives, school counselors, churches, local organizations, and, in some cases, concerned friends. Referrals will also come from our child placement agency (from CPS).

Application Steps for Care

  • Initial telephone call to Susie Black Holamon, (325) 338-9742 or Colleen Geary Patton, (469) 450-4659
  • In-person interview with Intake team: Susie, Colleen, Robin Harbin(Admissions Director), Guardian/Parent and our Child Placement Agency representative and foster parent/parents
  • Geary Girls Ranch contract agreement between the applicant and our Intake team to be signed by all.
  • Application and Admission

Admission requires an agreement between Geary Girls Ranch Intake team, the legal guardian, and the child. A 30-day probation period for the child will determine if placement is in the best interest of the child.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 790, Tioga, Texas 76271
phone: 325-338-9742