The Vision for Geary Girls Ranch Community

Our First (of many) Cottages: Many thanks to David Baca of David Baca Studio in Sherman for donating his services to create the architectural drawing for our first cottage.

Site Plan

Building Geary Girls Ranch

August, 2019 – framing has begun and will be finished soon.

March, 2019 – after a very WET winter, Phase 1 is complete. Foundation done!!

Thank you David Sokolowski, S&S Builders

Testing the Soil in Preparation for Build

Geary Girls Ranch Breaks Ground
for the First of Six Homes

April 20, 2018, was an emotional and inspiring day for the board members and supporters of the Geary Girls Ranch as they broke ground for the first of six cottages.

Geary Girls Ranch Receives the Deed to 11 Acres in Grayson County

March 6, 2018. Maggie Aune, a Geary Girls Board member, generously donated to the Geary Girls Ranch, 11 acres on Martinek Road in Grayson County. Shown here is Susie Black Holamon, receiving the deed, and Wilma Bush, Grayson County Clerk and Board Member, witnessing the exchange.

What a fantastic first step toward building the first home of the Geary Girls Ranch foster community. Thank you Maggie!

April 7, 2018. Maggie, Susie, and some helpers cleared the property to get ready to put in a culvert. Once the culvert is in, we can get a 911 address. The progress is inspiring.