Geary Girls Ranch
“A Tribute to Joe and Charlotte Geary”

The Geary Girls Ranch evolved from the charitable spirit that Joe and Charlotte Geary demonstrated throughout their lives. Joe and Charlotte were insightful and sensitive to the needs of others and humble and gracious in their service. Fifty plus years ago, together with the East Dallas Exchange Club, Joe and Charlotte established a faith based foster home that offered stability, permanency, encouragement and guidance to three teenagers in their neighborhood. Today, The Geary Girls Ranch is built on those same principals.

Colleen Geary Patton (daughter of Joe and Charlotte Geary) and Susie Black Holamon
(foster child who lived with the Geary’s) have joined together to build a HOME for
teenage girls who have been displaced. Together, they believe that what their foster
home community will provide for young girls experiencing homelessness is vital to their transition to independence. Their vision and passion is to offer a home where young girls have the opportunity to grow and develop spiritually, emotionally and physically in order to realize their full potential. Both Colleen and Susie feel blessed that the example Joe and Charlotte set forth consistently through their lives has inspired them to carry on their legacy through the Geary Girls Ranch.