The History of the Geary Girls Ranch

We are making history! There is no such thing as a Girls Ranch in Texas and it’s been 50 years since a boys’ ranch has been built! There are boys’ ranches such as Cal Farleys’ Boys Ranch in Amarillo (began in 1930), Ben Richey Boys Ranch in Abilene (began in 1947), West Texas Boys Ranch in San Angelo (began in 1947), Boys Country outside of San Antonio (began in 1971), just to name a few, yet none in north Texas. These are still growing their programs and continuing to provide a home to displaced youth today. They are privately owned Christian homes that offer a family environment with loving house parents in a country setting. Once upon a time, someone at each of these locations recognized the need and decided to help. They started small with a handful of boys and then continued to grow and build, creating a home environment with strong Christian values which has proven to be successful.

Again, it has been 50 years since a ranch or an independent Christian home has been built to help children. Yet, the need to foster children continues to grow at an alarming rate.

We don’t have any history, so we are writing it! The year is 2028. The Geary Girls Ranch has several locations in North Texas serving teenage girls from all over Texas who have been displaced from their families for a variety of reasons. They are private Christian homes that provide a family based environment within a country setting. The first property, approximately 10 acres was built in Grayson County, Texas.

Susie Black Holamon, the founder of the Geary Girls Ranch, grew up in Dallas, Texas in the foster care system herself. The homes where she was placed were in Dallas and provided a Christian family environment for her and her siblings, thanks to Joe and Charlotte Geary. Susie went on to have a successful life, graduated from Texas Tech, married, raised two sons, and retired from teaching art, having taught her last five years in north Texas. When she retired, she began working with girls who had aged out of the foster care system and girls still in the system as a CASA (court appointed special advocate).

Recognizing a lack of foster homes in the north Texas area and a tremendous growing need for homes, she reached out to her foster sister, Colleen Geary Patton, in May of 2017. She shared her vision with Colleen and wanted to get her blessing on the name, the Geary Girls Ranch, as a tribute to her parents. Colleen loved the idea, shared her passion for fostering girls and felt this was the perfect legacy for her parents. She thought it would represent the benevolent nature they were known for in their lives. Susie had a vision and a dream: to create a home for teenage girls, 12 to 17, the same age she was when she went into the system. She wanted The Geary Girls Ranch to be located on some acreage in the area where beautiful horse ranch properties abound.

In December of 2017, The Geary Girls Ranch became a 501(c)(3) organization, a privately funded Christian home to teenage girls. Their fundraising efforts had already begun and continued until they were able to start building the first home in June of 2018. They were then able to get their licensing and programs in place so that the girls and house parent were in the home and ready to enroll in high school by the fall of 2018. They began with one existing home on the property that cared for six teenage girls with a loving house parent and grew to helping an unlimited number of girls in multiple homes on that property and have since built more ranches for girls all over north Texas.

Today, The Geary Girls Ranch has “given girls the guidance to grow” to hundreds of young women who have gone on to be successful in their private and professional lives.